The SHIPSHAPE project unlocks the commercial potential of the Powder-HIP process. In Powder-HIP a sacrificial metal canister is filled with fine metallic powder which is then consolidated at high pressure and temperature, in a Hot Isostatic Pressure (HIP) vessel, to form a fully dense part. Powder-HIP provides an effective method of producing complex, high performance metal parts, with little or no material waste, making it particularly attractive for processing high value, scare materials (such as nickel superalloys, hardmetals, and Ti64 and Metal Matrix Composites), however the limitations of the current canister manufacturing methods severely restricts its use.In the SHIPSHAPE

In the SHIPSHAPE project a novel electroforming method will be developed to enable complex canisters to be produced quickly and cheaply. Basic proof-of-concept has already been demonstrated and the project will focus on extended the capability to a wider range of powder-HIP materials. In addition key issues such as cost, scalability and productionisation of the SHIPSHAPE approach will be addressed.